Finding Massachusetts State Court Records and Briefs State court records and briefs usually have a limited distribution. Documents submitted in a case are often kept at the courthouse or a record center and some local libraries in the area may have a collection of Massachusetts records and […]


Governors of Plymouth Colony Chosen annually by the people John Carver (Period: 1620-1621 ) William Bradford (Period: 1621-1633 ) Edward Winslow (Period: 1633-1634 ) Thomas Prence (or Prince) (Period: 1634-1635 ) William Bradford (Period: 1635-1636 ) Edward Winslow […]


Before 1910 It is possible that the coasts of Massachusetts were visited by the Northmen, and by the earliest navigators who followed Cabot, but this is only conjecture. In 1602 Bartholomew Gosnold landed at and named Cape Cod and coasted as far south as the present No-Man’s Land, which he […]


History Representative government goes back to 1634, and the bicameral legislature to 1644. The constitution of 1780, which still endures (the only remaining state constitution of the 18th century), was framed in the main by Samuel Adams, and as an embodiment of colonial experience and […]


History Already by 1660 New England products were an “important element in the commerce and industries of the mother country” (Weeden). Codfish was perhaps the truest basis of her commerce, which soon came to include the West Indies, Africa and southern Europe. Of fundamental importance was […]

Executive Orders

Massachusetts Executive Orders List of Massachusetts Executive Orders Massachusetts Executive Orders First Series. Dates: 1941-1949.  Governors: Saltonstall, Tobin, Bradford Massachusetts Executive Orders 1-49. Dates: 1950-1966. Governors: Dever, Herter, Furcolo, Volpe, Peabody […]

Agency Decisions

Massachusetts Agency and Commission Opinions and Bulletins Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission: Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission Decisions , 2009-date. Appellate Tax Board: Tax Appeal Decisions, 2000-date. Automatic Sprinkler Appeals Board: Decisions. Automatic Sprinkler […]